Shades of Divinity
Shades of Divinity(SoD) is an interactive realtime demo showing of some of the things you can do with pixelshader 3.0.

It was created during 30 weeks half-time by Fredrik Mäkeläinen(programming) and Oskar Holmstrand(graphics).

pdf handout To read more about it, check out this pdf handout!
screenshot. Click for larger
download the executable!
Please note that you need a PS3.0 compatible graphics card with Depth Shadow Map support (currently only the nVidia GeForce 6x00 series) and the newest DirectX runtime, with the february code update

Some compatibillty problems with certain nVidia nForce drivers combined with Microsoft WindowsXP SP2 may cause a crash or BSOD at exit.
download video
If you don't have such a fancy graphics card, you can download this screencapture.

Please note that both the framerate, screensize and image quality is greatly reduced from that which you would experience from the executable. Also, you loose the interactivity =).
During the development, we had a blog. If you wanna check it out, go ahead...